What is e-Enrollment? and How to get Enrolled?

What is e-Enrollment?

e-Enrollment is the process of obtaining the User-Id, Password and PIN for availing various electronic services (e-Services) offered by FBR at the Taxpayer Facilitation Portal by visiting https://e.fbr.gov.pk.

How to get –Enrolled?

e-enrollment can be performed by accessing the FBR Portal at https://e.fbr.gov.pk and following the steps given below:

Step-1 if you are a Salaried Person then Select "Swift Enrollment" under the main menu of e-enrollment; otherwise click on "eFBR Enrollment"
Step-2  Enter the basic particulars and press "Next" button.
Step-3 Fill the enrollment form which is appears after step 2 above.
Note: Correct e-mail address and Mobile Number must be provided at this stage
Step-4 Click "Submit" button to process your application.
Step-5 For Swift Enrollment Applicants (Salaried Persons)

Upon successful submission of the application the “Swift Enrollment” applicant will receive an SMS on his Mobile Phone showing the "Activation Code" and an e-mail containing the “Pass Code” and a URL.

Enter the “Activation Code” and “Pass Code” received in the above step at the URL. http://regsys.fbr.gov.pk/enrollment/v.aspx. After which the User-Id and Password will be sent at given email ID.

For eFBR Enrollment Applicants eFBR enrollment applicants are verified by the system and Call Centre Representative through telephonic inquiry. Upon successful verification “Activation Code” is sent on the e-mail address of the taxpayer. He will enter the Activation Code by using URL http://regsys.fbr.gov.pk/v.aspx. Upon successful completion of this process, User-Id and Password will be sent by e-mail to the taxpayer.


  1. I have tried enrolling my self multiple times but still its saying that "You are not E enrolled to the system"
    what I have to do now?

    1. In that case, you should go to this page to enroll.


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